Diggers Delight Potting Soil

Digger's Delight

Digger’s Delight is a premium potting soil for all house plants and outdoor containers. It is a blend of rich organic humus and finely aged compost containing balanced slow release nutrients, lime, and a wetting agent. When you use Digger’s Delight, all you add are plants, water, and love! $8.00 per 40 quart bag.

Pansies Grown in Digger's Delight


Loamate Soil Enricher is a cotton by-product plus nitrogen enhanced forest by-product. Create the perfect soil amendment. Blend one part Loamate to two parts soil when planting. Adds natural nutrition, wetting agent, and pH adjustment. Loamate is the perfect soil amendment for gardens, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. It can also be used as a top dressing for existing plants. $6.00 per 40 quart bag.

Brussels Sprouts Grown with Loamate

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