We carry many different types of mulch as well as sand and rock in bulk quantities, priced per scoop. Our scoop size is 1 Cubic Yard (27 Cubic Feet), and we can load a half scoop. We also offer delivery service. Maximum load on our truck is 6 cubic yards or 4 cubic yards on heavier materials. Call us for delivery charges.

We try to keep the prices below updated, but they are subject to change at any time.

Local 423-472-5491
Toll Free 877-255-0797

List of mulches and other products sold per scoop:

Fresh Hardwood Mulch (Non-aged, darkens with age) $22.00
Processed Pine Bark $31.00
Double Ground Pine (A fine pine in a nugget form) $34.00
Aged Hardwood Mulch (Very finely processed) $30.00
Red Mulch (Red dyed hardwood) $30.00
Black Mulch $30.00 (Black dyed hardwood)
Brown Mulch $30.00 (Brown dyed hardwood)
Cypress Mulch (Slightly more bug resistant, longer lasting) $39.00
Dura Cypress (Red color and bug resistant) $37.00
Hardwood Chips (Suitable for playgrounds) $24.50
Landscape Mix (Mushroom compost, soil builder, sand, perlite, trace elements) $38.50
Expanded Clay Mix (Landscape mix with clay instead of sand) $55.00
Premium Planting Mix (Soil builder, worm castings, lime, vermiculite, perlite, trace elements) $79.00
Lomas Soil Builder (A quality soil amendment that has been nitrogen enhanced) $50.00
Worm Castings $79.00
Mushroom Compost $25.00 (By-product of mushroom production; contains peat moss, chicken litter, and horse manure)
Expanded Clay $89.00
Pea Gravel $50.00
River Rock (approx. 2300 $50.00
Masonry/Beach Sand (Suitable for block/brick laying and pools) $37.00
Concrete/River Sand $37.00
Screened Top Soil $26.00
Fill Dirt $18.50
#89 Limestone Gravel $31.00
#3 Limestone $31.00
#5 Limestone $31.00
Crusher Run Limestone $31.00
Newport Stone 3/4″-1 1/2″ $68.50
Newport Stone 2″-5″ $68.50
Basic Slag $75.00

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