We carry many different types of mulch as well as sand and rock in bulk quantities, priced per scoop. Our scoop size is 1 Cubic Yard (27 Cubic Feet), and we can load a half scoop. We also offer delivery service. Maximum load on our truck is 6 cubic yards or 4 cubic yards on heavier materials. Call us for delivery charges.

We try to keep the prices below updated, but they are subject to change at any time. We do sell half scoops. The price is half of a full scoop price.

Local 423-472-5491
Toll Free 877-255-0797

List of mulches and other products sold per scoop:

Fresh Hardwood Mulch (Non-aged, darkens with age) $22.00
Processed Pine Bark $31.00
Double Ground Pine (A fine pine with nuggets and some small shreds) $36.00
Aged Hardwood Mulch (Very finely processed) $30.00
Red Mulch (Red dyed hardwood) $35.00
Black Mulch $33.00 (Black dyed hardwood)
Cherry Brown Mulch $35.00
Cypress Mulch (Slightly more bug resistant, longer lasting) $42.00
Dura Cypress (Red color and bug resistant) $37.00
Playground Chips $26.50
Landscape Mix (Mushroom compost, soil builder, sand, perlite, trace elements) $38.50
Premium Planting Mix (Soil builder, worm castings, lime, vermiculite, perlite, trace elements) $79.00
Lomas Soil Builder (A quality soil amendment that has been nitrogen enhanced) $50.00
Worm Castings $79.00
Mushroom Compost $25.00 (By-product of mushroom production; contains peat moss, chicken litter, and horse manure)
Expanded Clay $89.00
Pea Gravel (Approx 2,000# per scoop) $53.00
River Rock (Approx 2,000# per scoop) $53.00
Masonry/Beach Sand (Suitable for block/brick laying and pools) $37.00
Concrete/River Sand $37.00
Screened Top Soil $26.00
Fill Dirt $18.50
#57 Limestone Gravel $32.00
#3 Limestone $32.00
#5 Limestone $32.00
Crusher Run Limestone $32.00
Newport Stone 1/2″ to 3/4″ $68.50
Newport Stone 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ $68.50
Straw Bales $6.00
Pine Straw Bales $5.20

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