Soil Test Services

pH Test: $6.00*

This test is perhaps the most important and often overlooked aspect of soil testing. This is the most basic of tests and best way to start a lawn management plan for your lawn.

Complete soil test with pH and N-P-K: $28.50*
This is test recommended if you want to know the soil pH as well as the nutrient requirements for your lawn. This is the most cost effective test in that you are applying the needed nutrients for lawn management for your particular site.

Custom Lawn Management Plan: $75.00*
On site visit with visual inspection of conditions, will pull soil sample and send off for complete soil analysis, will supply customer with test results and personal lawn management plan.

We have several Lawn Management Plans we will be glad to share with our customers that are interested in beginning a lawn maintenance program.

*Note: All soil test services require payment in advance. Prices do not include sales tax.

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