Southern Shade Blend

Our Southern Shade Blend is back with some new additions. This is a custom 4 blend mix that is designed to survive and thrive in the shade. It has your traditional red fescue as well as some other varieties mixed in to be sure and get a good stand/mix in your shaded areas. This is only available in a 10# bag this year. Come by and get your bag while supplies last!

Trinity is a new turf type tall fescue from Columbia Seeds. Trinity has great overall turf quality and features great color, density, and texture. It exhibits very good wear, shade, and drought tolerance. Trinity is quick to establish and features excellent resistance to diseases, including Brown Patch. Trinity Turf Type Tall Fescue is a high performance turf that will exceed expectations. Choose Trinity Turf Type Tall Fescue for your application use on home lawns, parks, sod production, sports fields and commercial properties.

Kent Strong Creeping Red Fescue is an advanced fine fescue that has shown to have improved disease resistance along with improved density during the growing season. Kent strong also has enhanced early spring green up compared to older varieties. Kent Strong Creeping Red Fescue performs very well in low mow/low maintenance situations where drought tolerance is needed and has above average resistance to diseases like melting out, red thread, and dollar spot.

Shadow II Chewings Fescue was selected for increased turf quality, disease resistance, and high levels of endophyte. Shadow has shown strong tolerance to drought conditions and fast recovery from summer stress. One of the more desirable traits of Shadow II is that it can be mown to a height as low as .375. Shadow II Chewing fescues is a bunch type growing fescue that forms a very dense, tight knit turf. It has a fine leaf texture, shade tolerance, and has low fertility and moisture requirements. Shadow II is a great choice for un-mowed roughs or along bunker faces; Shadow II performs well under low maintenance situations. It is an ideal choice as a stand-alone or to blend with other cool season grasses such as Perennial ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass.

Primary Perennial Ryegrass is a progeny collection that is broadly adapted for improved turf persistence and quality. Primary has improved heat tolerance, superior summer performance, and natural resistance to a number of disease complexes. It has good resistance to Gray Leaf Spot, Brown Blight, Red Thread, Crown Rust, and Brown Patch. Its aggressive tillering and fine leaf texture provides a dense, quality turf. Primary is quick to green-up in the spring and has excellent spring vigor and density. Primary’s superior turf quality consistently rated it near the top for wear tolerance.

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