Due to the changing nature of our business, we will no longer be servicing walk-in retail business as of January 4. Our transition to only wholesale will mean many large trucks will be on the property to be loaded and unloaded, and there is a lot of construction going on, so this is also a safety decision. All the mulches and retail items should be available from our friends at Beaty Hardware at 650 Wildwood Avenue. Their phone number is 423-472-2124.

For our retail e-commerce site to order products to be shipped directly to you, visit MillsMix.com.

Beaty Fertilizer is a wholesale fertilizer blending company. We have a wide variety of fertilizers, including herbicide blends, lawn fertilizers, and more to help you serve your customers’ needs. Call us at 423-472-5491 or toll free at 877-255-0797.


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