We are sad to report that our office caught on fire Monday, October 21. We’re now in a temporary office. We finally have phone and internet service, but we don’t have voicemail yet and probably won’t until we move into a new permanent office. Please call during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We should be able to service walk-in business by next week, November 4.


Beaty Fertilizer is a fertilizer blending wholesale company. We have fertilizers, pre-emergents, weed & feed, mulch, and more to help you serve your customers’ needs. Our customers include garden centers, lawn companies, landscapers, and other organizations. We can also do private labeling and can design a label just for your company. Or you can submit your own label. Call us at 423-472-5491 or toll free at 877-255-0797.

For our retail e-commerce site to order products to be shipped directly to you, visit MillsMix.com.

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